Brothers and Sisters, 

  The holiday season is upon us and 2018  is quickly drawing to an end. I hope all had a great and safe Thanksgiving Day with your loved ones!!  Those who had to work, thank you for your service and being away from your families so others could enjoy theirs,  I spent many a holiday away from my family and completely understand the sacrifice it takes to do this. Again thank you!  

  We only have one more lodge meeting to go this year (December 13th ) whereas we will have our yearly raffles and our Member of the Year will be announced!  We will also be looking for a new 3rd Year Trustee as the 1 Year Trustee rotates out and the other 2 move down to 2nd Year Trustee and 1st Year Trustee.  If more than one person is interested then we shall have a special election for that position.  Trustee position is a very important position in the lodge as it is the checks and balances committee that does the auditing within the lodge.  It is position that those who are interested in this position,are making a commitment to attend the meetings also so they can be informed in the lodge activities.  Hope to have good showing that night! 

  Speaking of meeting attendance, looking for ways to boost attendance at the meetings.  Please email the lodge at with any suggestions you might have. Attendance has dwindled to the point of barely meeting quorum to have a meeting so looking to see what the members want. New days to meet? Earlier time to meet? All suggestions are welcome ... we have a lot of new members and would like to see what they are interested in to get them to a meeting?? I get it some people have to work during the meeting times, but out of 260+ members it’s hard to believe that we can barely get 10 members to a meeting. I still hear members say, “what has the lodge done for me?” Enjoy that KLEPF pay? The FOP fought and got that for you. Come to a meeting and find out more! Would love to have there!!

  The FOP 16 Auxiliary will be having Breakfast with Santa for the FOP members and their families on December 8th at the lodge. Please RSVP to the auxiliary by December 3rd.  

  Our annual Shop With a Cop will be Tuesday, December 18th starting at 5:30 at Life Community Church for grub and family assignments, then off to WalMart where the WalMart crew is always an awesome host to us! 

 The December 27th meeting will be suspended due to Christmas week. 

  Please be safe and enjoy this Christmas season with your loved ones!  Merry Christmas and best wishes for a happy and healthy 2019!

Fraternally your President and Brother,